2017 Travel

The conference will take place at Ito Hall located in University of Tokyo Hongo Campus. Ito Hall is located 50 minutes via public transportation and 30 minutes via taxis from Haneda Airport.There are two airports in Tokyo, Narita and Haneda. Click here for university map and public transportation in pdf. We recommend the attendees to bring a printout for this pdf. Click here for general University information.

Haneda Airport to Ito Hall: 30 minutes on taxi and 45 minutes on public transportation.

Haneda to U of T

Narita Airport to Ito Hall: 60 to 90 minutes on public transportation.

Narita to U of T

Seoul and Tokyo: 2.5 Hours Each Way. An attendee needs to leave Soul on Sunday December 17th at latest and leave Japan on Monday evening to arrive Soul around 22:30PM.

Soul Access

Shanghai and Tokyo: 2.5 Hours from Shanghai to Tokyo. 4 Hours from Tokyo to Shanghai.

Shanghai Access

Beijing and Tokyo: 3.3 Hours from Beijing to Tokyo. 4 Hours from Tokyo to Beijing.

Peking Acess

Taipei and Tokyo: 2.5 Hours from Taipei to Tokyo and from Tokyo to Taipei.

Taipei Access